About Us

Nuteak, Nautikflor and Dekomuro are products if ICA Group. For 35 years, ICA Group has provided it’s customers with superior and affordable innovative products. From it’s conception to today, ICA Group’s mission has always been to create or discover innovative products that improve the human experience. In 2020, ICA Group Europe was incorporated in Malta to make ICA Group products easily accessible to the European market. In 2022, a NUTEAK fabrication plant was set-up under ICA Group d.o.o. to pre-fabricate Nuteak panels at the principal products warehouse in Europe.

Founded in 1986 in Montreal, Quebec, ICA Group is a family owned and operated business. In 1996, we moved our operations to South Florida where we still operate today. We are dedicated to providing practical and innovative coverings for various applications.

As boat owners ourselves, it is not surprising that many of our products have the marine industry in mind. We understand what our customers look for in a decking product and we produce quality flooring that fills those needs.


Dekomuro is an innovative line of waterproof, lightweight wall panels supported by a unique watertight molding system.


High resolution imaging provides a selection of rich marble and stone-look designs. The panels can also be produced using a client’s own special image or design.


This is the perfect system for architects, designers and contractors to renovate or redesign walls, especially in high moisture or wet areas.


With no silicon or caulking required, the panels stay watertight and fit tightly together with tongue and groove interlocking.

About Nuteak

Another one of ICA Groups industry leading products is Nuteak.

Nuteak is currently at the forefront of what PVC extrusion technology can provide, and we plan to keep it that way. ICA Group places a large emphasis on development to make sure that our customers experience the very best that exterior, marine synthetic teak has to offer.

Visit Nuteak.com for more information.

About Nautikflör

The commercial grade planks are produced in Switzerland exclusively for ICA Group. NautikFlör is a new marine-grade flooring solution that is revolutionizing the synthetic teak flooring industry. This easy to install product combines the look and feel of real wood with the durability of PVC. NautikFlör uses the latest technology to achieve these feats. A hot coat is applied to protect the surface before the PVC is embossed with woodgrains, the texture needed for NautikFlör’s non-slip surface.


  • Authentic nautical look
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Low installation height of 5.5mm
  • Extreme stain resistance
  • 100% water resistance
  • Patented click connection
  • Non-slip
  • Sound reducing underlay
  • Commercial grade toughness


  • 20 years Residential
  • 5 / 10 years Commercial